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About Annie

Annie, owner of All1ove will be your host, teacher and massage therapist for the Retreat. She has 11 years of experience in these fields. All1ove is her company specializing in flower and nature specialized healing. Annie has put together all her modalities to offer in this retreat.



Ths retreat is for those who
~struggle to let go of the past
~want to release destructive patterns
~want to sit for Spirit in a group setting
Participate in life in a more heart centered role
Release what does not serve you

Coming to Healed Whole & Healthy
~Find your spiritual allies
~Feeling safe in you body rejoicing its capabilities

In addition you will receive conscious yoga classes in the mountain air.
You will leave feeling Healed , Whole & Healthy

  • We include detox juice and/or shake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We recommend guests to have a vegan only diet one to two days before check-in to ease into this transition. Not every guest wants to have just juice and/or shake and so, we provide two refrigerators which guests can store their food in and make meals for themselves. Guests can also bring prepared meals from a market. One Guest wrote: “The juices provided were organic, local, and very filling! I actually didn’t even need extra food.”
  • We do however have a “chef’s kitchen” in which guests can use and make a separate meal for themselves. The kitchen is your kitchen and we provide many of the essential oils, vinegar, and spices so you don’t have to bring those things! You have options here!

Retreat Schedule


First Day

Healed Whole & Healthy Retreat Itinerary:

15:00 Yoga and grounding meditation, we will receive ourselves in this space and welcome our bodies into awareness with tuning fork treatments
17:00 Juice or Smoothie Break
17:15 a spiritual discussion led by Memo Ozdogan
19:00 Evening Conscious mantra workshop with snacks
21:00 Journal end of Rest & Rejuvenate

Day Two

09:00 Juice or smoothie breakfast
10:15 Meditation
11:30-12:45 “Sun Ray”yoga held at solar noon
13:00 Juice or smoothie lunch and journal time
walk the largest labyrinth in California, listen to the birds, or join a
nature walk in the Santa Ysabel Nature Preserve (@1400)
16:30 Meditation with Guide of Spirit Animal Drum journey
17:45 Juice or smoothie Dinner with spiritual discussion
19:15 Have fun with fireside sing depending on weather

Day 3
0800 “Forrest bathing” solitude in nature walk, guests will do silent meditation on the nature paths here, dress warm!
0900 Inte-Grateful” yoga, Integrating your gifts
10:00 Juice or smoothie breakfast and Integration Journaling
11:00 Closing circle
*guests can schedule their massage on one of these 3 days based on their preference

Empowering others to take their own steps to truly heal