Family Day in Julian, California

Family Day in Julian, California
Winter Solstice Ceremony!
We are friendly and Everyone is Welcome!

We are One! We gather together for friendship, family, festival Winter Solstice, feast and Fun to celebrate life and lasting memories! It is a beautiful time in the Cuyamaca Mountains with fresh mountain air!

You will learn about 20 native plants on Saturday. Let us share everything we know about these mountains with you and we hope you too, will love these mountains as much as we do!

Retreat to Nature. Enjoy fresh mountain air and unplug. Nature is an essential element in our lives. Nature feeds our souls and we thrive in nature and brings us joy! With Oak Trees, three small rivers (seasonal), large granite boulders to climb on and sit on and a large Cedar Works chemical-free and splinter-free playground, it is a haven and a sanctuary for children. There are large metates found everywhere around the land that were used by the Native American Indians in this area more than 1000 years ago. There are trails on more than ten acres and we adjoin the 3800-acre Santa Ysabel Preserve. We are located at the Headwaters of San Diego River.

We have a native plant garden path around the entire property that has the names of the plants for demonstration purposes. We are slowly adding name labels to the plants everywhere so everyone can learn the names of the native plants!

When: Saturday, December 22nd at 10:30 AM – 3:00 PM

What: Jennifer Robinson will teach to all about wildlife using curriculum from Project WILD! She is a certified Project WILD! K-12 facilitator and a certified Facilitator for Growing Up Wild! – Ages three to seven. The games from Project WILD! are cooperative and make learning fun! The whole family can join!

We will then caravan to go on a trail hike at the Santa Ysabel Open Preserve. We will have a picnic at the Preserve, so please bring a picnic lunch.

Throughout the day we will identify 20 plants and learn something about each of them!

We will come back and do a scavenger hunt on the ten acres. We end with a Winter Solstice ceremony and say our goodbyes!

TO BRING: Hiking shoes, backpack with picnic lunch for your family, water and warm clothes!

We welcome you to this Fundraiser and please share this event with other families! We are grateful!

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