Connecting with Spirit - An Immersive Meditation and Mediumship Experience

In these Workshops, guests will learn to develop a life-long meditation habit and attune to Spirit. The retreat focuses on teaching spiritual development, psychic development, healing and mediumistic techniques. Guests will learn to reduce stress and anxiety, regardless of external circumstances, in order to create a receptive state for connecting with Spirit. Participants will experience deep mental and physical relaxation through heartfulness breathing techniques, meditation with soothing music, and sound bath crystal bowl healing. Developing a consistent meditation practice, or “sitting for Spirit,” is a key component of mediumship.  Read more about our retreat here. When you are ready to make a reservation, click the orange button below.

Day with Spirit

Day with spirit is a unique day retreat which offers sound healing meditation, Introduction to two Heartmath breathing techniques to reduce stress, and casual spiritual discussions. Stay for a fire gathering following spiritual discussions. FIND YOUR SECRET KEY- Day with Spirit – Come experience balance! A plant grows significantly in just one day, when exposed to the proper conditions… so join us for a day at Love is the Prize- placing yourself in conditions conducive for healing, with growth-supportive community activities and nature’s untouched medicine.
ITINERARY – approximately four hours. Please arrive between 5:00 pm to 5:15 pm.

*17:30 pm Sound Healing Meditation
*18:30 pm Enjoy dinner/beverage with casual spiritual discussions organized by Memo Ozdogan

20:00 Fire Gathering Indoors or Outdoors

What we’ll do

Introduction to meditation and Heartmath.
We offer a sound healing meditation. We will do some joint exercises in the beginning before the meditation. Joint exercises create a smooth flow of energy in the acupuncture channels through adjustment of the joints. All the meridians flow through the joints and moving the joints activates the meridians. These exercises were developed by Hiroshi Motoyama to open the acupuncture channels. They are given in his pamphlet, “The Functional Relationship between Yoga Asanas and Acupuncture Meridians. “They prepare the body and mind for the sound healing and all healing…. Soul Guided Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Bath Meditation.

Guided by Hosts: Jennifer Robinson, Sound healing/Heartmath Facilitator and Memo Ozdogan, philosopher and author of Letters From Love Café.

Come for the day. Advance reservations are required. Day with Spirit!

Dress in layers

Celebrating Love with Spirit, love in Family and Love in a Partnership and Celebrating Love Everywhere!

Our Mission Statement is the more you are in balance with yourself and your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual body the more meaning you have in your own life and a “Life is Good” attitude thrives. We are on a holistic bandwagon.

We offer Spiritual Coaching, Spiritual healing, Breathwork and Spiritual Life Coaching.