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Soul Memory Discovery (SMD) by Jennifer Robinson

Soul Memory Discovery (SMD) is a spiritual healing modality that enables us to access, identify, and release troubling issues that limit our lives and inhibit the full expression of our Essence and our Beings.

Soul Memory Discovery is helpful in healing emotional challenges, such as depression, anxiety, phobias, rage, and fears. It has helped people move through and heal physical ailments, such as arthritis, asthma, headaches, digestive disorders, cystic fibrosis, cancer, immune disorders, seizure disorders, and addictions. It can be helpful in shifting life challenges, such as problematic relationships, aloneness and isolation, poverty and lack, feelings of being lost and stuck, empty and meaningless.

The foundational theory of Soul Memory Discovery is that our bodies hold memories of everything that has ever happened to us in this lifetime. Our language expresses this wisdom so eloquently: We speak of having a “broken heart,” of “sitting on our anger,” of “not being able to stomach it,” or of “shouldering a burden.” Our bodies speak to us of the places that hold these old patterns.

Just as our bodies hold memories of everything that has happened to us in this lifetime, so our auras, our electro-magnetic fields around our bodies, hold memories of everything that has ever happened to us on a Soul Level. If we think of the soul as that eternal part of us that will continue on long after we are finished with these bodies, then it makes sense to think that these souls must have been doing something before they came into these bodies as well.

What happens in a Soul Memory Discovery Session? We begin with a quick polarity balance, specific to the SMD work, which aligns the flow of your energy field with the Earth’s, then we co-create sacred space. Next, dowsing (with a pendulum) and/or muscle checking easily allows us to access the body and soul memory banks to understand the origin of the issue. Together the SMD Facilitator and the client ask questions of the client’s own soul and Spiritual Guidance Team. We are directed and given access to, the specific information necessary to release the issue which holds the symptoms in place.

Once we find the originating events of the current issue, there is a simple release process, which lifts those origins out of the system. This process is swift, gentle, and sacred. Once the symptoms are no longer being sourced, they dry up and they go away.

Soul Memory Discovery is a “sacred ritual” that uses the power of language and of specially spoken words to shift energy and affect change. It is a tremendously efficient and effective spiritual healing process.

Many of us have been challenged in all areas of our lives in these changing times. The Earth and we, her people, are being pushed to Evolve/Ascend and raise up our frequencies to live in greater harmony with all the elements and relationships that make up our planet. We have been asked to divest ourselves of deeply ingrained patterns of old pain and in-congruence. We have been presented with illness, death, rejection, failure, betrayal and abandonment, accidents, and more. We have acutely felt Earth’s pain as disasters have swept the planet; We may have experienced fear, grief, anger, frustration, hurt, boredom, anxiety and depression that we never new possible. AND many of us have experienced great blessings and openings with our divine work, abundance, love and relationships, beauty, harmony and miracles that we have prayed for, that feel enormous. And we are still not sure how these will all play out in our lives.

Sessions are 3 to 3 1/2 hours

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