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This class is currently being offered in our North East San Diego Location

In this informative class about Psychic development, you will learn about the benefits of psychic development, learn what information is available to you, learn different types of psychic ability, learn where psychic information comes from, learn how to work psychically and do a sitting with and without tools, and also learn about the main chakra centers and the aura.

We start with a Psychic Development and Spiritual Development class.
After a small break, we relax while listening to a Sound bath healing with singing crystal bowls for about one hour
Lastly, we practice, practice, practice.

Everyone can be a psychic. We are all born with psychic ability. In order to develop our psychic ability, we must practice. Our practice includes psychometry readings, symbology, tea leaves, flower readings, opening to subtle energies, “bum sentience” and more! All these terms are clearly explained in the class for everyone.

Our class is from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.

Please bring a blanket and pillow if you want to lay down during the meditation.

This is a beginning class. You mustn’t have any prior psychic experience to join this class. All levels are welcome.

Class size limit to nine Guests

Please bring a picnic lunch.

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