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Spiritual Life coaching includes energy readings tied into the session together all life’s issues including Bereavement, Marriage- Partner, Family and Friends, Health, Career – Job, Home – Living, Potential – Future Achievements – Life Purpose, Goals, and Finances – Money.

Edgar Cayce the renowned American psychic and healer said, “The aura is the weather vane of the soul; it shows which way the winds of destiny are blowing.” Not just a psychic who reads auras, Jennifer is a psychic medium who dialogues with Spirit for the highest good of all.

Experience transformative one-on-one life coaching sessions with Jennifer, designed to guide you on your unique spiritual journey. Jennifer Robinson brings her expertise in energy healing, chakra balancing, mediumship and Gene Keys to help you clear subconscious blocks and foster a deep connection with your inner self. She encourages you to face your fears, embrace the present moment, and find joy and well-being from within. Sessions include: Identifying and Releasing Subconscious Blocks: Uncover and release deep-seated emotional and mental blocks that hinder your spiritual growth.
Developing Inner Awareness: Enhance your ability to connect with your inner self and understand the messages from your intuition.
Embracing the Present Moment: Cultivate mindfulness practices that help you stay grounded and fully engaged in the here and now.
Facing and Overcoming Fears: Explore strategies to confront and overcome fears that limit your potential and personal freedom.
Cultivating Inner Joy: Discover ways to nurture a profound sense of joy and peace from within, independent of external circumstances.
Heartmath and Emotional Regulation: Learn Heartmath techniques to manage stress and regulate your emotions, promoting overall well-being and resilience. Jennifer provides you with the tools and insights needed to navigate your spiritual path with clarity and confidence.

Rev. Jennifer Robinson is wife and a loving mother to three children. She is a teacher, Ordained Minister, Vibrational Healer, Spiritual Intuitive Reader and a former elementary school teacher, teaching kindergarten and 1st grade. She believes in the continuity of life after the physical passing. She believes in the Oneness of all things and the uniqueness of each human expression of the One Divine Intelligence. She has studied Spiritual Parenting and is a Certified Facilitator of the 17 and GraceLight and The Point of Essence Process from The Soul Center for Spiritual Healing – Spiritual Healing for Indigo Children and Adult Indigos. In 2005, Jennifer completed certification for Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection and also in 2005 Jennifer also completed for Basic Certified Practitioner and Advanced Certified Practitioner in the EMF Balancing Technique. Jennifer is also a Soul Memory Discovery Practitioner and a certified life coach.

For more than 19 years, Jennifer has been professionally serving as an ambassador between the Spirit world and our day to day world relaying wisdom and insight from teachers, guides and those who have crossed over. She is gifted in clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience and clairgustance.

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As someone who has been to a few psychics/mediums and had more bad readings than good, I can confidently say that this was by far the best one! I contacted Jennifer for a quote on a psychic evaluation involving speaking to a person in my husband’s life who had passed on. We met at Lindo Lake Park, which was great and very relaxing. The only things she knew about us was that I’m from San Diego, born and raised, and my husband is from OC and we met online. So, with very vague information from us, she started her reading. The things she told my husband was things she would have no idea about. He was hoping his grandma would come through, and she did. Loud and clear! She gave us characteristics she had, her physical appearance as in what type of clothes she would wear, her personality, a special message she had for my husband about getting through this tough time and to just keep pushing, and even gave him his Grandma’s first and second letter in her first name. My husband was silent for most of the reading, except for a few times when Jennifer asked “Does this mean anything?”, he would respond “Yes.”. He was so emotional, amazed, mind-blown, and happy, that it was hard for him to speak through his tears of joy. He feels so much closure and happiness from this reading! He was so happy that I reached out and so thankful for Jennifer and the amazing job she did. Best reading ever! Jennifer, you are amazing!” – Isabelle M.

“Jennifer’s psychic and mediumship abilities are very solid. She gave me a reading over the phone, and it proved to be extremely accurate and relevant to real life issues. There were no vague generalities. It was specific and to the point. Several of her insights were spot on, and some things she foresaw have indeed unfolded, even though at the time of the reading I couldn’t even imagine that one point, in particular, would be valid. It turned out that Jennifer was absolutely right in what she could see up ahead concerning my artistic development and personal goals.” Lynn K.

“Jennifer did a great job with tuning in with my situation and knew what was going on. I was very impressed that she knew about the frame of mind I was in. She gave me some great input as to the different options and also gave me some good feedback regarding my overall well being and heath. I definitely recommend her!” – Rachel C

I suffer from hydratinitus supporativa, a very painful autoimmune disease. When I came to see Jennifer, movement of almost any kind was almost unbearable. She helped me tremendously and eased my pain! Besides her gift for spiritual healing, Jennifer is a lovely, genuine woman who can heal your soul with her kind heart. Thank you! – Carmen M.