Experience Transformation at the Find Your Secret Key Retreat in Santa Ysabel, San Diego County, CA.

  • EDo you feel a deep calling to transform your life, but find yourself unsure where to begin or how to navigate the path forward?
  • EAre you ready to explore the depths of your inner self and unlock the secrets to lasting joy and peace?
  • EDo you long for a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in your life, yet feel overwhelmed by the search for your unique path?
  • EDo you seek improved emotional well being, improved emotional resilience and self regulation, improved memory, creativity, sleep, decision making, effectiveness and performance, and overall mental health?
  • EDo you seek to have an improved capacity to deal with stress, an increased ability to think clearly, improved communication, creativity, improved outlook in life, improved health and well being and improved communication?

Nestled within the pristine beauty of Santa Ysabel, the Find Your Secret Key Yoga Retreat is more than a getaway; it’s a journey towards inner peace, facilitated by Memo Ozdogan, a thinker in spiritual philosophy and self-discovery and also, Jennifer Robinson, yoga teacher, Heartmath facilitator, life coach and sound healer. This emotional healing retreat offers a sanctuary for those seeking to explore the depths of their being, connect with nature, and embark on a path of healing and transformation.

Why Book This Retreat?

Deep Spiritual Guidance: Under the guidance of Memo Ozdogan, delve into the teachings of eastern and western spirituality, discovering the essence of living in the present moment. Memo’s approach is not about adhering to any one philosophy but exploring the dynamic and ever-changing nature of life itself.
Personal and Collective Healing: Experience the power of group workshops and personal sessions designed to remove inner blocks and facilitate a deep release of emotional baggage. These carefully curated sessions pave the way for a journey towards inner peace and joy.
Diverse Healing Modalities: From hiking on 10 private acres and the expansive Santa Ysabel Preserve to practicing Heartmath breathwork, participating in crystal bowl sound healing meditations, engaging in a 24 hour silent retreat, meditation and spiritual discussions, the retreat offers a range of activities to support your healing journey. The usage of Heartmath has benefits that include learning to regulate stress and stress hormones. Heartmath helps you think better and have better focus. Heartmath also improves your communication and sleep.
Personalized Spiritual Coaching: Experience transformative one-on-one sessions with Jennifer Robinson and Memo Ozdogan, designed to guide you on your unique spiritual journey. Jennifer Robinson brings her expertise in energy healing, chakra balancing, mediumship and Gene Keys to help you clear subconscious blocks and foster a deep connection with your inner self. Memo Ozdogan, drawing from his rich exploration of both Eastern and Western philosophies, offers profound insights inspired by his work, “Letters from Love Cafe.” Together, Jennifer and Memo create a powerful synergy in their coaching sessions, encouraging you to face your fears, embrace the present moment, and find joy from within.

Sessions include: Identifying and Releasing Subconscious Blocks: Uncover and release deep-seated emotional and mental blocks that hinder your spiritual growth.
Developing Inner Awareness: Enhance your ability to connect with your inner self and understand the messages from your intuition.
Embracing the Present Moment: Cultivate mindfulness practices that help you stay grounded and fully engaged in the here and now.
Facing and Overcoming Fears: Explore strategies to confront and overcome fears that limit your potential and personal freedom.
Cultivating Inner Joy: Discover ways to nurture a profound sense of joy and peace from within, independent of external circumstances.
Heartmath and Emotional Regulation: Learn Heartmath techniques to manage stress and regulate your emotions, promoting overall well-being and resilience. Through their combined expertise and unique approaches, Jennifer and Memo provide you with the tools and insights needed to navigate your spiritual path with clarity and confidence.

Group Spiritual Discussions: Engage in enlightening group discussions that cover a wide array of life’s essential topics—from love and happiness to fear, suffering, and the art of living in the moment. These discussions are designed to open your heart and mind, fostering a community of understanding and shared growth. Memo’s approach, as illuminated in his book, emphasizes the dynamic and ever-changing nature of life, urging participants to find their unique path to joy.
A Sanctuary for Healing: Set on 10 acres of private land, adjacent to the vast expanse of Santa Ysabel Preserve, the retreat offers an environment where nature itself becomes a conduit for healing. Activities like hiking in the mountain air, yoga, walk a labyrinth and crystal bowl sound healing meditations, campfire under stars complement the intellectual and emotional journey, aligning body, mind, and spirit.
Comprehensive Retreat Schedule: The retreat is structured to provide a balanced mix of activities, personal reflection time, and communal gatherings, ensuring a transformative experience.
Transformative Impact: Participating in the Find Your Secret Key Retreat is not just about temporary relaxation; it’s about initiating a profound transformation within. As Memo Ozdogan beautifully articulates, this journey is about becoming inwardly naked, shedding the layers of the past, and touching the essence of your being. It’s about encountering your innocence again and starting an immortal love story with the beloved within.

What to Expect:

Deep Release and Renewal: Through the combined power of personal coaching and group discussions, you will embark on a process of deep internal release. Shed the weight of past burdens and find freedom in vulnerability and inward nakedness, leading to a renewed sense of peace and joy.
Connecting with Nature: Embrace the healing power of nature through activities that ground you in the present moment. Discover the simplicity and profound beauty of shinrin-yoku (forest bathing), as highlighted in “Letters from Love Cafe,” and allow the natural world to facilitate your healing journey.
Empowerment and Clarity: The retreat is designed not only to offer temporary solace but to empower you for lifelong clarity and peace.

A Journey Towards True Self-Discovery

At the Find Your Secret Key Retreat, you will not only find retreat from the world but also a deeper retreat into yourself. Memo Ozdogan’s profound insights, drawn from a lifetime of study and exploration as shared in “Letters from Love Cafe,” serve as the foundation for a transformative experience. It’s an invitation to unlock the doors to your innermost self, embrace the present with all its beauty, and step into a life marked by joy and inner peace. This retreat is tailored for those ready to leave behind destructive patterns and embrace a state of being healed, whole, and healthy. If you’re seeking a meaningful change, a deeper connection with yourself, and a community of like-minded individuals, the Find Your Secret Key Retreat is your gateway to a new beginning. Under the vast, starlit sky, find connection—a connection not just with fellow seekers but with the universe itself. As you gaze into the heavens through our telescope, you realize you’re not just looking at the stars; you’re looking at the reflections of your own essence, infinite and unbound. This is not just an invitation to a retreat, but to a reawakening. A call to those who hear the whispers of the wind and see the dance of the stars. To those who seek not just to exist, but to live deeply, authentically, unapologetically, unafraid of transformative changes. Your path has led you here. The next step? That’s for you to decide.

Book Your Spot Today

Join us in Santa Ysabel, CA, for an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and healing. Guests love the yoga retreats. Spaces are limited to seven Guests to preserve the intimate and personalized nature of the experience. Reserve your spot now and embark on a journey to heal, discover, and transform at the Find Your Secret Key Retreat. All our bedrooms have lamps with zero – blue light emitting red light bulbs (and regular lightbulbs, too if you want to switch it out).


Julian was designated as an International Dark Sky Community in 2021 and is part of the mere 1% of the U.S.A. where the Milky Way remains visible. Experience the celestial beauty: stargaze with us through our telescope! Discover the wonders of the universe with our exclusive stargazing sessions. At ‘Love is the Prize’ retreats, we provide a top-of-the-line telescope for you to explore the celestial wonders above. Whether you’re a seasoned astronomer or a curious novice, our guided stargazing experiences allow you to unwind under the stars and connect with the cosmos in profound silence. Nestled in the serene landscapes of Santa Ysabel, our retreat offers the perfect backdrop to gaze at the Milky Way, spot distant planets, and make unforgettable memories. Join us to add a touch of cosmic wonder to your spiritual journey. 



Without a feeling of being naked inwardly, one cannot possibly have this deep sense of inward freedom which is an absolute necessity for one’s happiness and well-being. In order to climb high in one’s spiritual journey towards the ultimate fulfillment of life with its ecstasy, one must not carry the heavy burden of any inward weight. One cannot possibly reach the summit of Mount Everest with heavy luggage, and in the same way one cannot reach the inward summit of joy with heavy emotional luggage. The more one gets naked inwardly the more one feels the lightness of a joyful inner summit. Removal of such inward blocks will also help us to achieve our desired purpose in life because of a release of energy within. Life in the external sense is a mere reflection of life inwardly, and as long as we have blocks within our subconscious we are bound to be blocked from achieving our desired life. Find Your Secret Key retreats include both group workshops and personal sessions guided by Memo and Jennifer. Memo has deep understanding and experience with the subconscious. The very opening and sharing of one’s hidden burdens in these carefully guided sessions will help to bring about a deep release and a quality of inward nakedness, with a sense of innocence, that will then pave the pathway to inner peace, and joy.


-Hiking on 10 private acres and on the 3800 Acre Santa Ysabel Preserve and/or Volcan Mountain

-Walk a Labyrinth that is 1/4 mile in and out

-Lodging and food

-Be inspired and engaged while learning about a specific type of breathwork called Heartmath. Guests will learn four Heartmath techniques, and learn about the Inner Balance app which Guests can download on their phone and practice it together.

-All handouts and worksheets to support your Heartmath journey and record your Heartmath commitments and epiphanies.

– Inner Balance Coherence Plus Advanced sensor valued at $250

Wolf Conservation and Behavioral Enrichment Tour

-Spiritual Development Workshop

-Yoga -We’ll enjoy some yoga; usually Hiroshi Motoyama’s exercises which help activate the meridians and create a smooth flow of energy. This prepares the body and mind for healing.

-Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Meditation

-Silent Individual Meditation

-Find Your Secret Key Group Discussions

-Private spiritual coaching session with Memo and Jennifer

-A signed copy of “Letters from Love Cafe: 47 Letters of Love on Living” Book by Memo Ozdogan

-A personal take-home hand blender to make shakes and smoothies

-Stargazing using our telescope

Discover “Gene Keys” – Take Home Offering for each of our Seven Guests: Welcome to the Delta Programme, which is a Game of Collective Transformation created by Richard Rudd, founder and first student of the Gene Keys. “The Delta is a powerful new experience that challenges us to take the next great evolutionary step – into the flowering of collective consciousness. In this life-changing game, players gather in groups of 7, exploring 7 themes over 7 weeks in a syncopated rhythm, creating a very real experience of higher harmony that touches all areas of your life.” The Delta Programme teaches us to listen. The Delta teaches us how to be in a family and it teaches us how to be in leadership. It teaches us how to be in a community. It teaches us how to be in any group and we all need each other! We are a collective organism. The Delta prepares us to learn how collectivity works. The Delta Programme is a safe and sacred sharing circle where all players agree to share in confidence inside of the circle. The online Delta Programme has lifetime access. In some sense, it is a retreat that never ends and all that is needed is your commitment. As your personal Gene Keys Guide and Gene Keys Delta Guide, I guide you through this first game or “Delta Flight.” It is a seven week journey and there is an eighth week completion call. Every week, all players meet together for about 1 1/2 hours on a day and a time that works for all of our seven Guests. Every week, players move to a different position and you are paired with one supportive and complimentary partner who you will connect with for an additional 30 minutes sometime during that particular week. Every week you will have a different partner. The only exception of this is for one week when you don’t have a partner and you are in position one. When you are in position one of the weekly sharing circles, The Delta supports you and helps hold a container for you.

Jennifer is honored to guide you on this sacred sharing circle. Jennifer will not be part of all of the calls, however, Jennifer will be with you on the first and the last call. Jennifer will send out email reminders each week and Jennifer will respond to every question. Jennifer offers support. Jennifer cares about you and Jennifer takes care of everything in a safe holding space during the entire, ‘Delta.’ The next step, after this is to sign up for another Delta flight, if you want and, Jennifer will teach you how at no cost. There is not a cost for future Delta Programmes. The online program is self-organizing and unlimited.


“You will feel your soul being undressed when the tender hands of love begin touching you. The many different masks on one’s face will be removed, and the many different clothes which one is “attached” to will be ripped off one by one. Then there will be a feeling of nothingness inwardly. Nothing to hold on to, nothing to be attached to and nothing to lose; and therefore no fear. And when you are so totally naked inwardly, there will be a feeling of innocence. This will be the beginning of your immortal love story with the beloved. – Memo Ozdogan”

    At our retreats, we offer a variety of healthy and nutritious food options. We provide The Blueprint Stack, which is a comprehensive health protocol that includes a supplement drink, a protein meal, eight daily supplements pills, and premium extra virgin olive oil. This stack is designed to be highly nutritious and is based on over 1,000 clinical trials. In addition to The Blueprint Stack, we offer several other high-quality superfood and protein powders that guests can use to create their own vegan detox retreat. We also provide unlimited dried edamame beans, roasted seaweed snacks, organic green apples, dried walnuts, common spices, Amy’s brand canned lentil soup, and cooked rice for lunch and dinner. For those who prefer to bring their own food, we recommend vegetarian options and provide a full kitchen for guests to use. We provide coffee, herbal and caffeinated tea & water. For Seva, Guests are required to wash their own dishes and put them away.

    Retreat Schedule

     First and Second Day

    -Day 1 Sunday

    16:00 Lobby opens: Welcome and Introductions! Walk the labyrinth!

    18:30 Dinner

    19:00 Introduction to Heartmath. We will do 2- five minute Heartmath meditation techniques & 10 minutes of seated yoga. Next, is a Sound Healing Meditation for 30 minutes. Noble silence begins.

    21:00 Journal, meditate, rest, or shower

    22:00 Lights out. Get a lot of rest everyone!

    -Day 2 Monday

    8:00 Breakfast

    8:30 Day of Noble Silence

    9:00 Yoga. In silence, we do Sun Salutation B. Instruction will be given in the beginning.

    9:30 Bird watching and free time to walk the nature path, put your feet in the stream or walk the labyrinth.

    11:00 Sound Healing Meditation (40 minutes)

    12:30 Lunchtime and continue noble silence and walk the labyrinth and around the property

    19:00 Dinner (Noble silence ends)

    19:30 Learn Heartmath technology

    22:00 Lights out. Get a lot of rest everyone!

    . .  Day Three, Four, Five

    Day 3 –Tuesday

    8:00 Breakfast

    9:00 to 10:30 Yoga and pranayama

    10:30 Spiritual Development Workshop with a meditation

    12:30 Lunchtime and free time to walk the nature path or the labyrinth

    13:00 Wolf Conservation and Behavioral Enrichment Tour and visit Cuyamaca Lake

    17:00 Spiritual discussion led by Memo Ozdogan

    19:00 Dinner

    21:00 Journal, meditate, rest, shower or read

    22:00 Lights out. Get a lot of rest everyone!

    -Day 4 and 5 Wednesday and Thursday

    8 am Breakfast.  Take time to meditate in nature and free time.

    9:00 to 10:30 Yoga and pranayama

    11:30 Sound Healing Meditation

    12:30 Lunch

    13:30 Heartmath teaching

    14:00 Spiritual discussions led by Memo Ozdogan

    17:00 Nature hiking and group photos

    19:00 Dinner

    19:30 Sit by the fire (if weather permits)

    22:00 Lights out. Get a lot of rest everyone!

     Day 6

    -Day 6 Friday

    8:00 Breakfast. Take time to meditate in nature.

    8:30 to 10:00 Yoga and pranayama

    10:30 am to 11 am Goodbyes. Feel free to take yourself out on a personal date somewhere in Julian. It is a tourist town and there are many things to do.


    Yoga classes are not always taught by certified instructors, but they are taught by certified instructors 90% of the time. Please call ahead to confirm who the yoga teacher is before booking.