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Stillness, meditation and yoga Retreat offers Meditation sound bath healing with singing crystal bowls, spiritual healing and Spiritual discussions.
Every guest will receive detox drinks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Please bring extra food if you think you will need it. We have a full kitchen available for all our Guests with two refrigerators available.

-Daily itinerary
-Day 1

*15:45 – 16:00 Check-in
*16:30 Welcome, walk and orientation! You will go for a stroll in the Santa Ysabel East Nature Preserve or a Sunset walk
Bring walking shoes.
*18:30 Detox juice drink and free time
*19:00 Spiritual discussion led by Memo Ozdogan
*21:00 Free time
*22:00 Lights out – Get a lot of rest everyone!

-Days 2

*07:00 Individual meditation – go in nature
*08:30 Hatha yoga
*09:45 Breakfast detox drink
*10:00 Free retreat time
Please feel free to walk the labyrinth or walk in nature during free time. In Japan, a practice is taking shape called shinrin-yoku or forest bathing – a slow, meandering walk in nature without plan or purpose.
A growing body of evidence shows that contemplative immersion in any natural environment produces significant shifts in body chemistry and consciousness. In a series of controlled experiments, people who practiced shinrin-yoku for as little as 15 minutes experienced lower concentrations of cortisol, a lower pulse rate, lower blood pressure, greater parasympathetic nerve activity, and lower sympathetic nerve activity than their counterparts in city environments. In plain English, they felt better – a lot better.

*12:00 Meditation sound bath healing with singing crystal bowls and spiritual healing
*13:30 Detox lunch
*14:00 Guests please feel free to walk the labyrinth, journal or walk in nature during free time
*17:30 Detox juice drink dinner
*18:45 Evening walk
*20:00 Spiritual discussion by the fire

At around 8:00 pm we will start our campfire outside under the great stars of Julian where we will have a spiritual and philosophical discussion casually. Guests who want to play guitar or any instruments by the campfire are most welcome to add to the spirit of the night. Guests who prefer to enjoy our Jacuzzi may do so anytime.

*21:30 Journal, meditate or read
*22:00 Lights out – Get a lot of rest everyone!

-Last day

*07:00 Individual silent meditation
*08:15 Hatha yoga
*09:15 Sound Healing
*10:00 Breakfast detox drink and group photos
*10:45 Check-out – Feel free to take yourself out on a date somewhere in Julian. It is a tourist town and there are many things to do.

Thank you!
Stillness speaks and inspires! Come feel inspired in nature!