San Diego Spiritual Counseling and Psychic Services Serving San Diego, La Mesa and El Cajon

Welcome to Love is the Prize

Welcome to Love is the Prize! We offer San Diego Spiritual Counseling to all who are seeking it.

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Why San Diego Spiritual Counseling?

San Diego Spiritual Counseling, Dating and Relationship Coaching and Life Coaching

We specialize in San Diego Spiritual Counseling, Dating and Relationship Coaching and Spiritual Life Coaching in San Diego. We help individuals, couples and families identify problems and offer lasting solutions. Our experience of counseling, energy healing, public speaking, mental mediumship, and intuition as intuitive practitioners listening from a loving heart and a non-judgmental space is available for you. We are very happy and grateful to be doing this work. Not doing this work would be a denial of ourselves.

Our aim is to support your development and growth on all levels of being: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. We work collaboratively with Spirit and interactively to facilitate your deeper understanding and help you take steps towards healing and creating a life with purpose. We have a strong grounding in ethics, theoretical training and personal development. Sessions are client led and spirit led. Client safety is our primary concern.

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 Celebrating Love in the Family and Love in a Partnership and Celebrating Love Everywhere! We have many things in store for you. You are here because love heals and love is the greatest power in the universe.

Our Mission Statement is the more you are in balance with yourself and your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual body the more meaning you have in your own life and a “Life is Good” attitude thrives. We are on a holistic bandwagon.

We offer Spiritual Counseling and Spiritual Life Coaching healing your relationship with God, the Unknown, Love, Infinite Intelligence, Full Source, Profound Intelligence..