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Day with Spirit is a unique day retreat which offers meditation, spiritual healing, and spiritual discussions.

Dates - almost every day!


FIND YOUR SECRET KEY- Day with Spirit - Come experience balance!

A plant grows significantly in just one day, when exposed to the proper conditions... so join us for a day at Love is the Prize- placing yourself in conditions conducive for healing, with growth-supportive community activities and nature’s untouched medicine.
ITINERARY - approximately two hours and 30 minutes

18:45 Singing Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Meditation and Spiritual Healing led by Jennifer Robinson

What we’ll do:
... Start the session with a welcome word and an introduction to meditation. We will then do joint exercises on a yoga mat that is provided. Joint exercises create a smooth flow of energy in the acupuncture channels through adjustment of the joints. All the meridians flow through the joints and moving the joints activates the meridians. These exercises were
developed by Hiroshi Motoyama to open the acupuncture channels. They are given in his pamphlet, "The Functional Relationship between Yoga Asanas and Acupuncture Meridians."
They prepare the body and mind for the sound healing and all healing.

... Soul Guided Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Bath Meditation and Spiritual Healing

A definition of spiritual healing is "The Channelling or direction of Divine Healing Energy by a Healing medium to a Patient, resulting from attunement to Spirit, in order to facilitate positive change."

Please arrive 10 -  20 minutes early. No late arrivals will be permitted.

*19:45 Spiritual discussion led by Memo Ozdogan and singing by the fire!
*For Guests staying the night - 21:30 Journal, meditate or read
*For Guests staying the night - 22:00 Lights out - Get a lot of rest everyone!

For those interested in staying overnight, we offer lodging! Our room prices are set low. We have shared triple rooms, double rooms, and private single rooms available. Email for inquiry – info@loveistheprize.com or call 760-765-9907.
Your healing will be guided by: Jennifer Robinson, healing medium and channel for Mother Earth Stillness

and Memo Ozdogen, philosopher and author of Find Your Secret Key and Letters From Love Café

Day with Spirit is automatically included at no extra cost For Overnight Retreat Guests .



This Zen Room Lodging option is a budget option if there are no Retreats going on!

Other budget lodging options available here: Hilltop Room OneHilltop Room TwoHilltop Room Three, Bluebird Room (for one to two Guests), Anna's Hummingbird (for one to two Guests), and Butterfly Room (for one to two Guests).


Feel free to come early and walk the garden path. Please bring your own picnic dinner!

Come for the day or stay the night. Advance reservations are required. Kindly, enter the calendar date below!

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