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Learn to Be An Intuitive Medium. In this four-day Healing and psychic Medium Workshop, guests will learn how to develop a life-long meditation habit and attune to Spirit. Guests will learn ways of decreasing their level of stress no matter what outer circumstances may be happening in their lives in order to gain a receptive state for Spirit. During the retreat, guests will experience deep mental and physical relaxation that increases the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system tone and decreases the stress response through heartfulness meditation with relaxing music and Sound Bath Crystal Bowl Healing and sitting for Spirit. Sitting for Spirit and attunement with Spirit is key.
The primary workshops and practice for the retreat include, but are not limited to: Benefits of spiritual and personal development, spiritual qualities, spiritual practices, gifts of the Spirit, Types of healing, levels of healing, connection to Spirit, distance healing, success of healing, energy centers, difference between a psychic and a medium, how to do a sitting, tools for development, purpose of mediumship, and developing mediumship.
The Center welcomes you to a retreat with psychic and Spiritual healing classes, meditation, breathwork, singing, journaling, dancing, walking and being still in nature, yoga and spiritual development. Also, using channeled processes and powerful healing tools, they do energy field clearing via chakra chord cutting to help sustain and experience peace, harmony, well-being, and balance in your daily life.
You will learn to create sacred space, clear spaces in your home, work space, and land for personal use after leaving the retreat.
The retreat starts with an orientation. Guests will meditate here because this is when guests come to directly experience feeling their own soul and many do so, for the first time. Attunement to Oneness and Spirit is key. Meditation and sitting for spirit is the gateway to God. The Center has had many guests in the past come who have never meditated. Jennifer offers guided and un-guided meditations.
For journaling, guests are given powerful questions to aid in personal and spiritual development. All guests participate in Yoga and also, a form of yoga that is unique to the center and unique for this particular retreat. They offer powerful joint exercises developed by Hiroshi Motoyama to open acupuncture channels taken from his pamphlet, “The Functional Relationship Between Yoga Asanas and Acupuncture Meridians.”
You are here to change your life and change your brain. To have a more positive and lasting change, it is essential to step out and away from your current environment for some time to allow that change and learning to happen, so you are not constantly reminded of who you are or were. The world is your mirror, so when you change your consciousness, your outer world changes and in this retreat, they will teach you how to change the consciousness which happens in the brain guided by the heart through meditation. When you create a new mind, you create a new self, and a new personality, which creates a new personal reality. New experiences change your biology and signal new genes and new ways, and you can teach your body chemically what your mind is understanding.
You will learn about the importance of meditation, diet, exercise, relationships, time in nature, recreation and service/contribution in your life which create rhythm. They listen to music and do light yoga and discuss collectively the work they do and what others do to unwind. Working long hours depletes creative energy. Your hosts also believe that who comes to these retreats is meant to leave with friends, possibly life-long friends, because success works best in clusters! The best success is an open heart united with the universe! They strive to have between seven and eight guests to make it personalized for each guest.
Giving yourself the feel-good feeling of four days and three nights will allow you to journey deeper and attune into the essence of you, that eternal part of you call your soul. Doing meditation once does not create a lasting effect and that is why retreats are beneficial. You have to do it over and over again and repeat the meditation experience with repetition. Neurologically and chemically this conditions the brain, conscious mind, and body to know how to meditate. During the retreat, you practice over and over again so you no longer have to think about breathing or meditation. The body no longer needs to think about it, because it is automatic and innate in you and you have practiced so many times you don’t have to think about it. People have all the biological and neurological machinery to do this and this is called neuroplasticity.
Being still allows people to feel wholeness. Incessant thinking is the barrier to true Oneness Consciousness. With relaxing guided meditations, healing music and crystal bowl sound bath healing, you will also learn the benefits of your chakras. Chakras are energy centers in your body and having them open and balanced benefits your overall health-mental, emotional, and spiritual and opens the path to emancipation and manifestation.
They welcome you to celebrate you while being social with others and also have some time alone. You learn to be aware of energies and of your vibration frequency on a deep level. Many guests leave with a new awareness of their true gifts from Spirit.
On this retreat, your thinking will change and so will your destiny!
All the classes have paper handouts.

10:30 Spiritual Development class
11:30 Meditation
12:15 Juice or smoothie lunch and break – Bring food or snacks if you need to. We have a refrigerator and kitchen available for Guests! We provide detox juice and/or smoothies.
14:00 Walk in nature – drive off-site to a Nature Preserve or
guests will do silent walking meditations throughout the retreat on the nature paths we have here. Guests will connect with nature this way. The Japanese call this Shinrin Yoku, which translates to “forest bathing” and guests will partake in this. Shinrin Yoku is proven to be beneficial for mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical balancing. Following these powerful “forest baths” you will feel better overall, and particularly experience a deeper relaxation response during the retreat, feeling more calm and refreshed, with better clarity and creativity as you allow the nature to feed your soul.
17:00 Meditation
17:30 Juice or smoothie dinner and group discussions
19:00 Rest and Relax and Rejuvenate

DAY 2 AND 3*
09:00 Juice or smoothie breakfast
09:15 Spiritual Healing Workshop class – Theory
10:15 Meditation
11:30 AM – 12:30 AM Yoga at solar noon
13:00 Juice or smoothie lunch and free time – Walk in nature, journal, walk the largest labyrinth in California, and listen to the birds
14:00 Meditation
15:00 Walk
16:30 Spiritual Healing Workshop class – Practice
18:30 Juice or smoothie dinner
20:00 Rest, relax and Spiritual Discussions!

Day three:*
9:15 am Psychic/Mediumship Development class – Theory
16:30 am Psychic/Mediumship Development class – Practice

Day Four
09:15 Juice or smoothie Breakfast
09:45 Meditation
10:15 Spiritual discussions and Q & A
10:45 Yoga
12:00 Check-out

Excerpt from a recent Yelp review about Jennifer Robinson – “As someone who has been to a few psychics/mediums and had more bad readings than good, I can confidently say that this was by far the best one!”
%Schedule may be different than what is above but all activities are included. Weather may not always allow for nature walks in the winter months.


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